Montgomery Avenue Women's Center (MAWC) is the only daytime center that provides services exclusively for homeless women in Montgomery County Maryland. As humanitarians we devote ourselves to helping the women achieve self-sufficiency and self-satisfactory. 


 Our mission is to help homeless women achieve self-sufficiency.  To accomplish this, we provide necessary case management and supportive services.  We provide a clean, safe, healthy, caring and pleasant environment, as well as training and personal care sessions.


 Our Philosophy, through each of our supportive services every woman can blossom into an independent and self-sufficient woman.


 Our daily programs of group sessions, counseling and life skill courses are designed to help women become self-sufficient. By helping the women with job readiness skills, work ethics, resume building we encourage them to become independent and ready for the workforce.We focus on building socializing skills and identifying their strengths and hobbies.

 While here the women have developed strong friendships and genuinely care for each other, giving each other extra goals and motivation to building a solid future.


  MAWC is a non-profit  501(c)(3) organization that provides supportive services to more than 250 homeless women each year.